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4 Great Animated Explainer Videos About America

In honor of Independence Day, we’re featuring some of the best animated explainer videos about government, politics, and ‘Murica. There’s a lot going on in the US right now, so hopefully you can learn a thing or two about how it all works and why it matters from these four great animated explainer videos about America. Enjoy and Happy Independence Day, America!

Be Careful Out There, America — VOX

Vox is an absolute masterclass in how to integrate animation, graphics, and information into an explainer video. They cover every topic under the sun—from shark week to hip hop—and they use animation and motion graphics to illustrate practically every point. It’s a fantastic visual style, and the smooth, flat animation and graphics (even simple text like this video) make these videos evergreen video marketing resources week after week.

If you want to make an effective animated explainer video, copy what Vox is doing.

How Supreme Court Justices Get Appointed — TedEd

Bet you didn’t know that there are no age, qualification, citizenship, or other qualifications to be a United States Supreme Court Justice. It’s true. One Justice was only 32 years old. Another never graduated high school. Find out more in this fantastic animated explainer video from TedEd.

YouTube Asks Obama — Thought Cafe

This animated explainer video is a great example of transforming old audio or video content into something fresh and fun for new audiences. Thought cafe takes the disjointed footage from a longform, relatively stiff interview with then president Obama, and edits it into something bite-sized and understandable. The flat motion graphics style makes the complicated topics they’re discussing seem more approachable.

animated explainer videos politics

Animating over live audio or video is a great way to reach people, especially with complicated or technical topics (like politics). RSA Animates practically built their entire video marketing strategy around animating speeches and interviews to make them accessible to millions of viewers. And it worked.

I’m Just a Bill — Schoolhouse Rocks

We all know this classic tune that tracks the progress of legislation from a bill to a law. It’s a testament to the power of animation that an explainer video from 50 years ago—about legislative procedure!—is still relevant today. This video pops up in the most unlikely places, and it’s catchy and informative every single time. Well done.

Animated Explainer Videos at IdeaRocket

The future of animation is a constantly moving target. Stay tuned for more animation news, culture, and video marketing tips every week to help make the perfect video for your business!

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