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LiknedIn Video Marketing Guide

LinkedIn Video Marketing: What You Need To Know

The first thing most businesses and startups do when they make an animated explainer video is share that video online. That’s why you made the video in the first place, so you obviously want as many people to see it as possible. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and your website are great places to start, but the best destination for your animated explainer video—with the highest ROI—might surprise you. Maximize your new video on the biggest professional networking and B2B platform online. LinkedIn video marketing opens up a potential buyer gold mine jam-packed with leads just waiting for high quality, helpful video content to solve their problems.

Seriously, the best part about making an animated video is that you can market it in a million different ways. Animated explainer videos are versatile, evergreen video marketing assets that you can use over and over again in fresh exciting ways for literally years to come. Don’t get so caught up with the platforms everyone else is using that you forget to use the one that best suits your needs.

LinkedIn Video Marketing: The World’s Biggest B2B Platform

LinkedIn has over 467 million registered users (133 million US), and 106 million active monthly users, which easily makes it the largest professional social media platform. Millions of motivated buyers, decisions makers, and C-suite executives network and engage with millions of businesses and brands every single day. If you’re not part of that conversation, you’re missing out on a massive sector of motivated buyers.

So why do so many startups, business, and even video marketers ignore LinkedIn when it comes to sharing their animated video? Sure, LinkedIn doesn’t have quite the reach of Facebook or YouTube, but LinkedIn it’s the biggest and best at what it does—professional engagement. In fact, LinkedIn users might be more valuable—pound for pound—than just about any other social media platform users online.

LinkedIn Video Marketing: Buyer Potential

Video marketing ROI all comes down to buyer potential. Your video content has to reach enough of your target customers to increase conversions and justify paying for high quality animated video production. It’s about quality not quantity, and on LinkedIn the success of your video is about who you’re targeting not just how many people you reach.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Animated explainer videos are versatile, evergreen video marketing assets that you can use over and over again in fresh exciting ways for literally years to come[/tweet_box]

According to a LinkedIn Sales Solutions internal review, “50% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn as a source for making purchase decisions and 76% of B2B buyers prefer to work with recommendations from their professional network.” What’s even more interesting for video marketing on LinkedIn, is that 74% of buyers choose a company that provided them with helpful content (aka “video”) first.”

57% of companies—all companies—have a LinkedIn page, half of them use LinkedIn to making purchasing decisions, and nearly 75% of buyers want helpful, readily available video content. Video marketing on LinkedIn just makes sense.

LinkedIn Video Marketing: Video-Driven Content Increases Engagement

So if marketing on LinkedIn is such a no-brainer why aren’t more companies doing it? The truth is, tons of companies already use LinkedIn for marketing—they just aren’t using video.

Currently, LinkedIn has more than 1 million publishers posting content, and they’re sharing over 130,000 posts every single week. That means that no matter which industry you’re in, LinkedIn is probably already crowded with thousands of influencers in your field. One of the most effective ways to stand out from the crowd and network circles around your competitors is with video.

Animated video provides helpful information, easy to understand solutions, and instant value with content that people can easily watch—especially on the go. When you post high quality video content, you’re not just another voice in the crowd, you’re adding value to the conversation. Video driven content makes you an influencer and a trusted source. High quality videos build your brand on LinkedIn and increases engagement with your posts. The right video can increase leads and provide a streamlined path to conversion down the road.

LinkedIn Video Marketing: Customer Targeting Made Simple

The key to successful video marketing is increasing conversions. Luckily, finding your ideal target audience has never been easier. Thanks to the wealth of self-reported data on LinkedIn profile pages, you can create customized audiences for your video in minutes. Use the Campaign Manager Tool to specify age, location, income, and even seniority to find (and expand) the potential audience for your video.

Videos on LinkedIn might not have the global reach of a platform like YouTube, but they reach the buyers and decision makers that grow businesses and build brands.

LinkedIn Video Marketing: The Best Place for Online Video

LinkedIn is a massive B2B marketplace with millions of daily users—including thousands of highly motivated buyers in your vertical. The best part about marketing to this massive pool of viewers is that it doesn’t cost a thing to add your video to your personal LinkedIn profile and company page. Even better, you can supercharge your LinkedIn posts, comments, and content with (occasional) inclusions of your video.

Today’s buyers are on LinkedIn, and they’re looking for solutions—and they want them fast. Your 90-second explainer video on LinkedIn is perfectly poised to attract these buyers to your sales funnel in a streamlined, professional way. Leverage LinkedIn as the massive professional networking platform that it is, and get your animated explainer video in front of thousands of decision makers today. You’ve made a great explainer video. Squeeze every ounce of video marketing potential out of it with a focused, targeted LinkedIn video marketing strategy. You’ll be glad you did.

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