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2020 Animated Christmas Commercials To Brighten the Season

Animated commercials are one of our favorite holiday traditions, and in 2020 we’re more in need of holiday cheer than ever. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best animated Christmas commercials of 2020. 

This year, most of our animated Christmas ads are from the UK. Why do they get all the best, warmest, most tear jerking-est Christmas animations? We’re not sure, but we don’t think it’s fair. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to miss out just because you happen to live in a country that hasn’t embraced the emotional power of animated christmas commercials. We’ve rounded up our favorites for your viewing pleasure. So grab some hot chocolate and hit play!

McDonald’s – Reindeer Ready

A strange concept quickly turns into a tearjerker in the 2020 instalment of the McDonalds Reindeer Ready series of commercials. Last year’s ad showed us a little girl who brought the holiday spirit to her whole family. This year, tables have turned as we watch a teenage boy reconnect with his inner child and the magic of Christmas. 

The ad might have still gotten its point across without the projection of the inner child appearing on the boy’s torso. Even with that odd detail, you’ll need the tissues before the Reindeer Ready splash screen pops up at the end. 

DFS – Wallace and Gromit “A Comfy Carol”

It wouldn’t really be Christmas without a Wallace and Gromit Christmas commercial. This year the claymation duo teamed up with DFS sofas. 

Wallace and Gromit creators Aardman Animations worked on the ad to infuse it with the classic claymation charm. Featuring a zany invention and a cast of familiar characters, this ad is everything you expect from a Wallace and Gromit Christmas commercial. It’s part of the DFS winter sales campaign featuring our claymation pals. 

Disney – From Our Family to Yours

You really, really need the tissues for this one. Disney’s From Our Family to Yours commercial features English singer-songwriter, Griff and the story of a family tradition. 

The grandmother in the video passes on the Christmas traditions of her Filipino childhood to her English grandchild. It’s all the emotional depth of a Pixar movie in a  three-minute video, complete with a feature song. This year, Disney is giving back by donating all proceeds from the song to the Make-A-Wish charity. You can listen or buy it here.

02 -Unwrap the Magic of Christmas

An animated robot ice dances with a real girl in a live-action setting during the first Christmas commercial from British telecommunications services provider O2.

This isn’t the first time that the little blue O2 robot has made an appearance in the real world, but it’s certainly the most sweeping backdrop he’s had to stand out in. The blend between live-action and animation is nearly flawless as the bubbles stream from his head.  

Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity – Home for Christmas

Without the festive music, this ad by Ominicom MediaGroup might actually be a little creepy. Kids in hospital beds roll out of the hospital and through cities and countrysides. The payoff of seeing them land in their cozy bedrooms is well worth watching.

Aside from the music, what really makes this video work is the simple style coupled with all the holiday details. The surprising payoff comes when we make the leap from animation to a real-life video of sisters running down the stairs on Christmas morning. One of the children, Mia, is a real-life patient at GOSH. She and her sister, Amy, were chosen to become animated characters after both were treated for the same rare condition. 

Chick-fil-A – Spark Hope

Chick-fil-A returns us to the Time Shop with a commercial that reminds us where hope comes from. 

If last year’s commercial felt like a peek into a fully formed world, this one continues that illusion. 3D characters and beautiful backdrops pull us in and leave us wishing we didn’t have to wait another whole year to see what else Sam is up to. In the meantime, viewers are invited to visit the webpage at the end of the commercial, where they can “share a spark” with someone this holiday season. 

Boots – What the World Needs Now

Simple animation adds a little magic to everyday objects in this commercial spot. Reminicinet of the children’s cartoon The Amazing Adventures of Gumball, simple eyes, mouths and arms turn soap, toothbrushes and bubbles into friendly characters. 

This ad isn’t directly selling anything. Instead, it asks viewers to donate hygiene products to help those who can’t afford these basic essentials. 

John Lewis – A Little Love

This year’s John Lewis Christmas commercial combines many animation styles into one adorable 2 minute video. The ad does a great job of transitioning between live action, 2D, 3D and stop-motion animation commissioned from eight different artists to build one narrative. Backing their art is an original song by award-winning singer Cleste. 

Like many of our holiday ads this year, it’s being used to promote a charity campaign. The Give a Little Love charity hopes to raise £5m (about $6.6) to support families in need this holiday season.  

If you just can’t get enough of these heartwarming holiday ads, look back at the best animated Christmas commercials from 2019

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