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What Is Proposify (And Can It Help Your Business)?

Whether it’s soliciting new business or spearheading a new project, proposals play a vital role in any business. But what makes a good business proposal? It typically involves a well-stirred mixture of layout, design and function but, as we all know, there’s by no means a precise formula. In fact, it tends to vary greatly on a case by case basis. Which means that flexibility is also key. Not only in terms of content and aesthetics, but also with regards to interacting with colleagues, clients and prospective collaborators.

Given this intersection of needs and the value of a strong business proposal, it only makes sense that a handful of cloud-based, template-proposals products would emerge to meet the demand. But, as in every category, not all products are created equally. Proposify, to our great delight, is more than just a paint-by-the-numbers proposal provider. So let’s take a closer look at their product offering…


Before we dive into what makes Proposify unique, let’s first learn a bit about the company’s unique origin. A story which begins in 2008, when Kyle Racki (Proposify’s CEO) and Kevin Springer (Proposify’s President) launched a digital ad agency called Headspace Design based in Halifax, Canada. Five years later, in January 2013 (and just over a year before Racki and Springer would sell Headspace), the two design-gurus-turned-entrepreneurs started Pitch Perfect Software with the hopes of helping companies to make better proposals faster and win more business.

In 2014, Pitch Perfect Software evolved into Proposify and after securing financing from places like Innovacorp they have since hit the ground running. Largely due to an impressive ability to leverage design and speed with user and business needs. Simply put, there’s a lot to like about Proposify. Below are a few of our favorite features…

Great Themes + Beautiful Design = Excellent Look

Like creating a webpage, the value of a builder goes way beyond themes and designs. But starting off with those things is a great place to begin. Such is the case with Proposify, who offers a versatile roster of potential looks for your company’s proposal.

Drag And Drop Functionality

Good software equips you with the tools to do what needs to be done. But great software will make you feel good as you do it. And there’s something about the drag and drop functionality that Proposify offers–something elegant, something intuitive–that makes using the tool feel, well, natural.


Just Sign That Dotted Line

Proposify’s signature tool is built right into the document. Not only does this easy-to-use feature removes that whole print/sign/scan rigamarole but because the software is cloud-based it also eliminates that awkward dance of you-sign-then-me-then-him as everyone can simply autograph the document on their own schedule.

Dare to Compare

As alluded to above, Proposify isn’t the only company in the cloud-based proposal-software space. There are places like Bidsketch, PandaDoc and Adobe’s InDesign, each of which has a unique offering of features. To address this very point, one thing that’s nice about Proposify’s website is that there’s a section that (respectfully and in-depth) highlights what they believe differentiates them from each of their competitors:

Although the details are, of course, skewed to highlight the merits of Proposify, it is admittedly nice to have all information in one spot.

Whether you’re an animation studio like us or in a completely different line of business, Proposify might be right for you. To learn more about Proposify and/or sign up for their free 30-day trial, visit their website

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