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eHarmony: 15 Reasons To Date An Animator

eHarmony thinks you should date an animator, and we couldn’t agree more.

Their recent list, “15 Reasons to Date an Animator,” highlights some of our great features like “Good at Pictionary,” but some of the pros for dating an animator were downright thoughtful. So below are two of our favorite points from the list as well as the greatest argument for dating an animator – Adam Patch’s adorable animation of his wife’s drunken “tortilla chip” joke.

It’s the best thing I’ve seen in years.

eHarmony list #3: “Animators are adaptable, always adjusting to accommodate the specific design styles of each project.”

People forget that most of what an animator creates is at the behest of someone else – either a creative director or client. This constant collaboration, combined with the ability to take direction – especially on creative projects – primes animators for flexibility and openness in a relationship. That means for an animator, it’s all about “us.”

eHarmony List #4 “Animators are team players, ensuring their work blends seamlessly with the work of their peers.”

Everyone pictures animators hunched over a drawing table, working in silence for hours – and there is plenty of alone time during the animation process – but animation is all about teamwork.

A full-length animated feature literally has rooms of animators working independently; yet mindful of the greater whole they’re creating. When the credits of your favorite cartoon roll, isn’t it incredible to discover how many people worked together to make an animation flow seamlessly on the screen?

Cartoon Brew Comment Section




We hope all the animators out there get some profile clicks and swipes because of this piece, and if you really want to understand the joys of dating an animator, just check out the comment section over at Cartoon Brew (sample pictured above).

And if you’re an animator looking for love, leave a comment below or add your own favorite reason why animators make the best lover/partner/companion.

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