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Direct Video Mailers: A Personalized Marketing Touch

When was the last time you received a letter in the mail? 

You open your mailbox, and to your surprise, there’s a package waiting for you. Your curiosity is heightened (what can it be?) You unwrap the box with care, filled with anticipation as to what’s inside. And upon opening this mysterious package, you have the opportunity to learn something new — to discover something you’ve never seen before. 

Direct mail isn’t a new concept for marketers. In fact, it’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, with brands leveraging the medium long before the Internet reigned as the predominant channel for connecting with customers. And as personalization becomes increasingly important for brands, the age-old medium is experiencing a resurgence ripe for the digital age. 

The right direct mail promotion, sent at the right time, can give you an opportunity to surprise and delight your customers — which is what great marketing is all about, right? According to Gallup, 95 percent of Millennials feel positive about receiving physical mail. On the B2B front, direct mail is proving positive ROI when integrated into account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns. 

But just like any other marketing channel, the challenge for brands comes with the ability to differentiate your offering and stand out from the crowd. After all, the last thing anyone wants is another generic flyer or brochure to show up at their door (and go directly into the trash). Direct video mailers offer a new way to engage by offering information in an entertaining, easy-to-consume format. It also uses a memorable medium that consumers can hold in their hands. 

Direct Video Mailers: A Quick Breakdown

What is a direct video mailer, you ask? Direct video mailers are physical flyers or brochures that come with an embedded LED video screen that consumers can interact with. When a consumer opens the mailer, they have the ability to play your video while reading more about your product or service. For the more ambitious, video mailers can also be integrated alongside physical gifts, so a consumer can see the product in action before trying it themselves. 

Check out this video from MediaFast for a sneak peek of the different types of video mailers out there: 

A Note On Pricing And Specs

Due to the technology involved, direct video mailers are slightly more expensive than traditional mailers. According to MediaFast, pricing can range anywhere from $25-$65+ depending on the size of the mailer. Since it is a larger investment, it’s important to consider how this type of communication plays a role in your overall marketing strategy in order to ensure you’re reaping the most ROI. 

Integrating Direct Video Mailers Into Your Marketing Mix 

Have an explainer video you’d like to share? Want to educate your consumer with a how-to on your product or service? Have a personalized message for your customer? With direct video, you can bring the experience directly to your audience in a way that feels more intimate than an ad served up on Google or social media. Since video mailers also include space for copy, you can also provide additional information alongside your video in a way that doesn’t overwhelm your reader. 

Like any other marketing channel, the strength in direct video mailers comes with how you use it alongside your other marketing tactics to create a full omnichannel experience. Remember, direct mail is best used in a way that connects offline with digital. Make sure your branding is consistent, your messaging fits in at the right moment within the customer journey, and always include a way for your audience to continue the conversation, whether that’s through a phone call, visiting your website, or setting up a meeting. 

Direct mail is a versatile medium — almost any brand can use it to successfully bolster marketing efforts. It all depends on choosing the right tactic that works best for your company. 

For Prospects: Direct Mail And ABM 

Account-based marketing, or ABM, is a B2B marketing strategy that focuses on delivering personalized experiences to high-value prospects or accounts on a one-to-one, one-to-few, or one-to-many level. This tiered messaging approach requires a deep understanding of your customers and razor-sharp messaging that speaks directly to each individual prospect. Since direct mail is delivered directly to one individual, it makes it a perfect medium for creating an intimate, one-on-one experience. When integrating video into direct mail here, consider addressing your prospect directly with a short video greeting, or including an explainer that directly address their unique pain points, and how you can solve for them. 

For New Customers: Educate And Inspire 

Just acquired a new customer? Delight them with a welcome package that’s tailored just for them. Explainer video can be a great way to give your new customer an overview on your product or service. Or, you can get more granular, offering a how-to so they can get started using your product right away. 

Bonus tip: This type of “welcome package” approach also works for new hires that are getting ready to join your organization. For new hires, consider including a company culture video, or tips on how they can prepare for their first day. 

For Repeat Customers: Retaining Loyalty 

Want to do something special for those customers that keep coming back? A thank you package, complete with a personalized video message expressing your gratitude can help show your customers you care. 

The Future Of Direct Mail 

Direct mail has come a long way since the days of coupon books and flyers. Video mailers have the ability to connect online and offline channels in a way that hasn’t been done before. This creates a more robust marketing journey that engages customers in unique and creative ways. How will you use video in your direct mail strategy?

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