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Vine at the Tribeca Film Festival

Vine At The TriBeCa Film Festival

Chances are you’ve heard of Vine, the new mobile application that enables users to create and share six-second videos.  Since its January release, users have harnessed the app’s creative potential.   With an intuitive touch-based interface, Vine puts stop-motion and live-action techniques at the user’s fingertips.

Here’s one we made recently:

Last month the TriBeCa Film Festival held a contest challenging talented new Vine-ers to submit their work via Twitter.  The results were varied, and quite remarkable.  Entries range from complex stop-motion animations, to sophisticated narrative short films, and even an animated literary adaptation.  Users generally embraced Vine’s limitations, such as the inability to review the film as it’s being pieced together, or its endless looping.  As noted in The Huffington Post’s write-up about the contest, artists approached the medium in a way that more closely resembles the early days of cinema, rather than today’s digital formats. Here are a few of our favorites:

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