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After Effects Templates

7 Sites For Free/Low-Cost After Effects Templates

Adobe After Effects templates are pre-built project files designers can use to add and enhance their own video projects. These files are built to allow freedom and flexibility for video producers to customize elements to fit different project needs.

After Effects templates can be used to create entire finished videos, or broken up into elements that can translate across a variety of different projects. Templates can include a variety of elements, like background footage, titles, lower thirds, logos, graphics, and general themes.

While After Effects templates make creating well-designed animations simpler, they will still require at least a basic familiarity with After Effects – and sometimes more than that.

When finding the right After Effects template for your project, be sure to review the terms of your license, and any additional template instructions so you can invest in the right products for the most effective outcome. Most of these projects are ready-to-edit once you upload them into your After Effects platform, so it’s easy to get started!

Where You Can Find After Effects Templates

After Effects Templates - RocketStock


Visit the website here

RocketStock falls under the Shutterstock umbrella, offering a full suite of designer After Effects templates. As of Nov. 2018, RocketStock offered more than 180 different templates up for license. Prices for each template typically fall in the $39-$49 range. But if you sign up for their monthly newsletter, you can also get some sweet “freebie” templates too.

RocketStock also offers a pretty comprehensive guide to getting started with After Effects templates — especially if you’re looking to create your own for submission. You can check it out here.

After Effects Templates - Storyblocks


Visit the website here

Storyblocks carries a full suite of royalty-free video stock templates, with general footage, motion backgrounds, and After Effects templates. Unlimited access to their video offerings will cost you $39 a month. Those looking for a more cost-effective option can opt for their basic video package ($19/mo), which comes with five member library downloads per month.

After Effects Templates - VideoHive


Visit the website here

If you’re looking for video footage or After Effects templates, chances are, VideoHive’s got you covered. VideoHive boasts one of the largest collections of After Effects templates. When we checked in Nov. 2018, there were close to 54,000 templates on the Envato/VideoHive marketplace. If that seems overwhelming, don’t worry — there are plenty of ways to filter your search (category, price, length, and resolution, to name a few) so you can zoom in on exactly what you’re looking for.

After Effects Templates - Pond5


Visit the website here

Pond5 is a great resource for any of your stock footage needs. What we like most about their After Effects offerings is their carefully curated collections. You can choose from options like infographic elements and social media templates, logos, and lower thirds. For fellow animation lovers, there’s even an entire selection of carefully crafted cartoons to browse through. It’s free to sign up for a Pond5 account, and prices vary depending on the template.

After Effects Templates - VideoLancer


Visit the website here

VideoLancer offers a smaller collection of After Effects templates, transitions, and motion graphics, compared to other sites on this list. But with a robust mix content (and plenty of free downloads) it’s a site worth mentioning. Be sure to check out VideoLancer’s collection of Expressions too, which could come in handy for animated projects.

After Effects Templates - ProductionCrate


Visit their website here

ProductionCrate packs a one-two punch for those looking to improve their After Effects skills. After you finish browsing their collection of templates, head on over to their After Effects tutorial page, which offers a full set of free videos to help you put your new templates to the test. These videos are fun, and often topical — one of their latest series focuses on creating superhero effects seen in the “Avengers” series. If you are looking to invest, ProductionCrate offers two options: access to their free assets (all they ask for is a $10 “donation”) or a full account for $49 a year.

After Effects Templates - MotionArray


Visit their website here

Motion Array is one-stop shopping for all of your video production needs. Motion Array offers an expansive collection of After Effects templates and presets to choose from. Pricing is also pretty flexible, ranging from their free account (which gives you full access to their free content libraries) all the way up to “Pro” which offers 20 premium downloads a month, increased library access, and more portfolio storage.

While After Effects templates can help you create good-looking video fast and cheap, sometimes there is no substitute for hiring a creative team that can create a bespoke approach to your branding and business proposition. Contact us today if you would like to engage a full-service outfit.

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