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7 Best Recruiting Videos You Need To Watch Now

If you’re hiring, a recruiting video should be at the top of your to do list. Company recruiting videos are your chance to attract great candidates by showing off your company culture. The best company recruiting videos are as unique as the company cultures they showcase.

Some are serious, chronicling the triumphs and accomplishments of their strong-willed employees. Others take a more playful approach — sprinkling in bits of humor and quirk along the way. Whatever approach you take, a well-made video can make a huge difference. A CareerBuilder survey found that job postings with videos receive 34% more applications. 

Unique Company Recruitment Videos

You can approach brainstorming your next recruiting video the same way you would a sales or marketing project. This time, instead of selling a product or service, you’re selling an opportunity to work at your company. Your content and design choices should be shaped by these questions: 

  • Who is your audience, your ideal applicant? 
  • What are they looking for?
  • What about your company will make them eager to work there?

Create a video that incorporates the answers to these questions. You don’t have to limit yourself to talking head interviews with employees either. Company recruiting videos should be as unique as your company.

Here are a few of our favorite recruiting videos to spark your creativity.

The Zappos Family – How They Work

Zappos has an entire YouTube channel devoted to company culture and employee testimonials. For this episode, Zappos teamed up with video platform Wistia to help tell their story.

What we like: Bringing in an outside partner gives the video a documentary feel. The narrative is in Wistia’s hands and portrays the company from the outside looking in. Instead of Zappos telling potential employees what’s great about their company, Wistia gives candidates room to see for themselves, and make their own decisions. The result is authentic recruitment video instead of an advertisement.

Ageis Living Founder’s Story

This Assisted Living and Memory Care community pulls the heartstrings with a personal story from the company’s founder. The story he’s telling becomes a natural vehicle for talking about the company’s cultural and employees. 

What we like: The personal storytelling style evokes compassion and empathy while promoting the company’s strong values. Coupled with compelling music and strong yet simple visuals, this video engages the emotions and invites employees to become part of the family.

This Is Zendesk

Zendesk challenged the traditional culture video narrative by taking a satirical approach. The images are what you would expect to see in a recruiting video (i.g. shots of their office, staff members, their neighborhood) but the voiceover takes a completely different turn, poking fun at the aspirational tone that typically comes with the culture video package.

What we like: This video showcases the power of the voiceover artist. The type of narrative you use matters. This video speaks directly to the people Zendesk is looking to hire.(They tell you bluntly at the end who they DON’T hire, but I can’t write it here.) The video also perfectly showcases the Zendesk staff, company perks, and office space without being too over the top.

Disney/ABC Television Group Company Culture

Disney is an animation company, so it’s fitting they would add hints of animation to their recruiting video. Disney recruited Openfield Creative to help storyboard this piece, which combines moving word with real-life interviews to tell their story.

What we like: The blend of animated elements with real interviews breaks up the monotony of what could be just a series of testimonials. Mixing in visuals of classic Disney characters also helps solidify the brand, and keep viewers interested.

Mission, Vision and Values – Knowles

Even if you’ve never heard of Knowles, you’ve almost certainly heard them. Knowles provides audio solutions for mobile phones, hearing aids, and other audio technology. Their video isn’t flashy, but it’s a joy to watch. The colorful animation keeps your attention on the screen without distracting from the audio.

What we like: The simplicity of the animations lets the audio take center stage, which makes sense considering the company. Notice that simple doesn’t mean low quality. The animations are clean and interesting to watch. You won’t mistake this video as belonging to anyone else, and that’s the mark of a great recruitment video.

Together We Work – GE

GE’s “Together We Work” series shines a light on how their employees go the extra mile to overcome obstacles and give back to their communities all over the world. The episode above tells the story of Fabiana Garcia, an ultrasound specialist at GE healthcare in Brazil, and her work helping people in the Amazon. The video is narrated in Portuguese, but those who don’t speak the language can clearly follow along with captions provided in English.

What we like: GE’s company story is one that stretches across the globe. Their videos capture different aspects of the work, with different stories to tell every step of the way. By providing video captions, GE’s videos translate across all their different audiences, and brings their community together.

gTeam Recruiting Video

At IdeaRocket, we help companies bring their recruiting video ideas to life, too. Check out one of our favorite recruiting videos we animated for gTeam, a recruiter of top talent for world-class software teams.

Want to learn more about our work with recruiting videos? Drop us a line here.

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