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indie animation

New Kinky-Sweet-Weird Stop-Motion Film By Kirsten LePore

We don’t do stop-motion at IdeaRocket, but we are definitely fans. The charm of stop-motion is its imperfections: the things the animator accidentally bumped, the changes in lighting, the rough edges of the models. Stop-motion always feels touched by humans. Kirsten LePore is an emerging master at it. Here’s her new piece.

My favorite part of this film is that after we (the viewer/camera) get drawn, the drawing isn’t shown to us, but gets mailed somewhere.

Appropriately, LePore’s subject matter is like her chosen technique. She is touched by humans too, and is frank in showing their imperfections. In her stories, you sense polar opposites: a warmth and affection that tempers underlying dread and pessimism. Here’s a very moving piece she made a few years ago, still my favorite piece of hers:

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