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2d character animation vmworld 2016

Case Study: Going To Vegas, A Veeam Video

Usually our Pick of the Week features animation from filmmakers around the world, and that will continue to be the case. We love all animation, not just our own! However, we want to show you some of our work occasionally too. And since we’re in the party season, we thought you might enjoy this party invite video we produced for Veeam in 2d character animation.

Veeam provides virtualization, backup, and disaster recovery services for the VMWare environment. So naturally, the yearly VMWorld convention is a big deal for them. Over the years, the party they throw at VMWorld has acquired a reputation as the hot party to go to. This year, Veeam wanted to go all out and send participants a video invitation to the party.

Our story has no dialog. Three buses pull into the convention site, the Mandalay in Las Vegas, hoping to take conventioneers to a party site. One of the buses is a Veeam bus… the other two belong to Veeam’s competitors. The conventioneers all know what the hot party to go to is. They flock onto the Veeam bus. Which makes the driver of one of the other buses very jealous.

He perks up, however, when he sees that two conventioneers have been left behind. Maybe they will hop on his empty bus! But… no dice. They flag a cab and chase after the Veeam bus. Later that night, we see even the other company’s bus driver has decided to enjoy the Veeam party.

This was a fun video to make! We love to work in 2d character animation, and we love to have a story to tell.

Veeam from IdeaRocket on Vimeo.

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